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SDG 16: A Platform for a New Era of International Cooperation

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The international community labored for years to conceptualize a new global development agenda to succeed the famed Millennium Development Goals. Last September, that work came to fruition as the 193 Member States of the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, also referred to as the Global Goals. The debate has now shifted from definition to execution and implementing Goal 16.

Covering a span of peace, security, and good governance issues , SDG 16 is a hotly debated topic because it essentially calls on the global community to set aside old paradigms of what is security and development and act pragmatically to solve a wide range of transnational challenges — terrorism, crime, and societal resiliency — that poison the well for economic development.

Read the full article on Impakter here.

Written by Johan Bergenas and Grace Mahoney.

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