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Op-ed by Barry Blechman in The Hill on Iran deal

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Three dozen retired American generals and admirals are the latest group of experts to collectively endorse the Iran nuclear agreement.  They join, among others, 100 former ambassadors, 29 scientists, 60 US national security leaders, and 11 retired high-ranking Israeli security and military officials.  All believe, as I do, that the Iran deal is a very good agreement, both with regard to the agreement itself and with regard to its possible implications for the security of the Middle East and of the United States.   

There are many reasons why military experts have come out in force to support this good deal. The agreement removes all of Iran’s uranium closest to being weapon useable. It vastly reduces Iran’s stock of low enriched uranium and caps it for 15 years.  The agreement also removes two-thirds of Iran’s centrifuges, along with their supporting infrastructure, and permits Iran to only use its basic IR-1 model centrifuge for ten years.  The agreement further prohibits any enrichment at Iran’s underground facility at Fordow and causes the redesign of Iran’s heavy water reactor so that it cannot produce plutonium in sufficient quantities to build a bomb. 

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