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Ellen Laipson quoted in Diplomatic Courier on Syria’s leaders

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Although Iran has claimed that the aims of its nuclear program are peaceful, these statements have not been viewed as credible in the West. These fears worsened in 2012 after reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed Iran was producing uranium enriched at a 20 percent level. As talks regarding Iranian uranium enrichment continues, the dilemma that arises is how much of uranium enrichment should be allowed by the United States.


News reports have indicated Syria is developing improved versions of Khaybar1 missiles under Iranian supervision and is also replacing liquid-fuel missiles with solid-fuel missiles for use by Hezbollah. And according to Stimson Center President Ellen Laipson, Syria is already the link that connects Tehran to Hezbollah, serving as a “critical forward base and springboard to eventual regional domination” for Iran. This is because Syria’s leaders have always “projected a self-image of enduring greatness and leadership of the pan-Arab cause.”

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