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Barry Blechman’s op-ed in Tribune News Service on The Iran Deal

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President Barack Obama’s strategy to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons has worked. Ignoring siren calls over the past five years to try to destroy Iran’s nuclear infrastructure through air strikes, the president knit together an effective, global sanctions regime that knee-capped Iran’s economy, forcing Iran to the negotiating table. After two years of arduous talks, success is at hand.

The framework agreement reached Thursday by the U.S., Iran and five other nations will prevent Iran from exploiting its nuclear technologies to build atomic weapons for at least 10 years – and almost certainly forever. The safeguards and inspections built into the agreement will provide at least a year’s warning should a future regime in Tehran decide to scrap the agreement and sprint to build a bomb. This would give the U.S. and its allies the time to take preventive military action should they so choose.

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