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Marshall-Stimson Collaboration: A History of Friendship

(Henry Stimson and George Marshall shared a long and storied
friendship during their US government service from the early- to
mid-20th century. As highlighted in the following piece by Greg Franke,
the relationship they fostered
anchored by shared values and a deep-seated mutual respect has continued to drive collaboration between the two institutions founded in their names.)

Few men other than Marshall and Stimson have served the country in a
greater variety of positions: Stimson as US attorney, Secretary of War
twice, Governor General of the Philippines, Emissary to mediate the
Nicaraguan civil war, and Secretary of State; and Marshall as Chief of
Staff of the US Army, Presidential Representative to mediate the Chinese
civil war, Secretary of State, President of the American Red Cross, and
Secretary of Defense. It should come as no surprise that these two men
developed a very close relationship that endured for over thirty years.
This relationship began during the end of World War I and the interwar
years and arguably helped to foster the decisive Allied victory in 1945
and the successful foreign policy measures enacted in the postwar
period. This was an enduring friendship that shaped the course of the
twentieth century.


For more information on the George C. Marshall Foundation, click here.
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