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Between War & Peace: Do We Need New Tools For Messy Transitions?

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The office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction issued its final lessons learned report earlier this year. Among the recommendations was a call for establishing a new U.S. Office for Contingency Operations, for planning and implementing the diverse activities required in post-conflict deployments, not necessarily of the scale or purpose of the Iraq situation. Our panel discussed the requirement for such a capability in the U.S. system, considered options to achieve greater planning and execution effectiveness, and also looked at what tools and processes reside in the UN system.

To watch C-SPAN’s coverage of the event, click here.

Stuart W. Bowen, Jr.,
Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction
James A. Schear,
former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Partnership Strategy and Stability Operations

Leanne Smith, Chief of the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations Policy and Best Practices Service
Ellen Laipson,
President and CEO, Stimson Center

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