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Articles by Alan D. Romberg and Yuki Tatsumi in CNA publication are featured in Defense One

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Territorial Disputes

CNA Strategic Studies

Earlier this
week, Japan’s defense forces unveiled the Izumo, a 19,500-ton carrier that
holds 14 helicopters and is the country’s largest warship since World War
II.  Japanese officials said the ship was primarily to help with rescue
and disaster missions, but also to respond to “contingencies” near the
country’s territorial boundaries. Its debut came after shortly after images of China’s
newest aircraft carrier
, the Liaoning, popped up on military tech forums.
Both vessels are seen by analysts as responses to the growing tensions emerging
in Asia, as China and Japan grapple over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Island and other

With a number of
economic and security issues at stake, CNA Strategic Studies organized a
workshop earlier this year to assess the interests of each actor — and the
United States. Researchers also assessed how history has affected China’s
status-quo stance over the islands, and suggest that military planners in
Beijing are following a carefully planned grand strategy in the East China Sea.
The papers lay out several policy options for each of the stakeholders and
explain key security and economic issues in extensive detail.

To read the full
story, click here.

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