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Security Council Set to Renew UN 1540 Resolution

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Today, the United Nations Security Council is expected to
renew the mandate of Resolution 1540, a WMD nonproliferation measure aiming to
prevent non-state actors from acquiring chemical, biological and nuclear
weapons. The renewal is a major step in the fight to reduce the risk of a WMD
terrorist attack.Stimson Center experts, in cooperation with the UN and its
member states, as well as with the Organization of American States, have been
instrumental in establishing Resolution 1540 implementation coordinators in the
Caribbean and Central America. Research and
analysis are also ongoing vis-à-vis the Middle East, East Africa, the Andean
region and Southeast Asia.

The Stimson Center has also created an interactive tool demonstrating the use of Resolution 1540 for developed and developing countries called the Pathfinder. Use it to see where countries have overlapping security and development goals that could be addressed by implementing Resolution 1540.

In an op-ed yesterday in The
, Johan Bergenas, wrote that
Resolution 1540 is one measure that has “gone from being widely unpopular and
largely disregarded among numerous U.N. members to being [a] widely accepted
pillar of the nonproliferation regime…And poorer countries are able to use
the funding available from resolution 1540 to build capacity in areas directly
affecting their citizens’ daily lives, such as small arms and drugs
countertrafficking. The net result is greater involvement by the developing
world in nonproliferation efforts.”

Addtional 1540 work from the Managing Across Boundaries team:

Johan Bergenas, “Memo to
Congress: the UN Works
,” The Hill, (April 2011)

Brian Finlay, “Save
money, live better: Doing more with fewer nonproliferation dollars
,” The Hill,
(March 2011)

Brian Finlay and Johan
Bergenas’ article series published in World Politics Review (Parts I, II, III, IV, V)

Brian Finlay, Johan
Bergenas and Veronica Tessler, “Beyond Boundaries in Eastern Africa: Bridging
the Security/Development Divide With International Security Assistance
Stimson Center and Stanley Foundation Report, March

Johan Bergenas, The Case for Smart Assistance to the Middle East
World Politics Review (February 2011)

Johan Bergenas, Fighting Security Challenges With Regional Cooperation
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Johan Bergenas’ report “A
Piece of the Global Puzzle

Brian Finlay and Johan
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(October 2010)

Brian Finlay, Johan
Bergenas and Veronica Tessler’s report, “Beyond Boundaries in the Middle East

Brian Finlay, “WMD,
Drugs, and Criminal Gangs in Central America

Brian Finlay, Bridging the
Security/Development Divide with UN Security Council Resolution 1540




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