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Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review Released

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By Gordon Adams, Rebecca Williams and Matthew Leatherman – Stimson’s Budgeting for Foreign Affairs and Defense program, led by Gordon Adams, released  a scorecard analyzing the QDDR. You can view the scorecard here, or read more of their analysis on The Will and the Wallet.

Quadrennial Diplomacy
and Development Review:
Our Assessment


State and USAID missions and set organizational priorities  

  Assess global challenges and
opportunities and outline major areas of emphasis 

  Prioritize roles and missions and
provide metrics for success

  Identify economic policy and conflict
prevention/response as core missions

  Distinguish civilian and military
roles and missions clearly


a meaningful, integrated strategic planning and budgeting process    

   Underline the need for strategic
planning, linked to budget planning, and institutionalize a strategic planning

   Describe a clear budget process
for foreign assistance, including multi-year budgeting

   Describe a budget planning
process that would link decisions about funding programs to decisions about
personnel and management of operations

   Provide structure for integrated
planning with other executive branch agencies

   Justify more flexible
authorities and contingency funding for State/USAID


fundamental, lingering organizational problems           

   Coordinate programs, activities,
and prerogatives of State and USAID

   Assert leadership over the
“diaspora” of foreign policy/assistance agencies

   Deconflict the Office of the Director
of Foreign Assistance and USAID

   Strengthen the Coordinator for
stabilization and reconstruction operations (S/CRS) and the Bureau of Economic,
Energy, and Business Affairs


the needed personnel capacity for 21st century challenges    

  Define and prioritize necessary skills
for the 21st century

  Adapt staffing plans to the current
budget climate

Justify staffing growth to support
additional training and interagency assignments


Download the report card here.

View the complete QDDR.


more analysis on this and other Budgeting for Foreign Affairs and Defense
topics, visit

The Will and the Wallet.


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