Elements of a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty

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Elements of a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty is a comprehensive analysis of the technical measures required to achieve and sustain a world without nuclear weapons.

Topics in this far-sighted volume include the verified destruction of nuclear weapons, the safeguarding of dangerous nuclear materials, and the governance and enforcement of a nuclear-free world.

Frank C. Carlucci and William J. Perry

Chapter 1 – Why We Need to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons–and How to Do It
Barry Blechman

Chapter 2 – Verifying a Prohibition on Nuclear Weapons
Steven Fetter and Ivan Oelrich

Chapter 3 – Civilian Nuclear Power in a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World
Harold Feiveson

Chapter 4 – The Civilian Nuclear Fuel Cycle in a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Challenges and Opportunities
Alexander Glaser

Chapter 5 – The Experience of the Chemical Weapons Convention: Lessons for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
John Freeman

Chapter 6 – Enforcing a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty
Rebecca Bornstein

Chapter 7 – Governance of a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty
Alex Bollfrass

Chapter 8 – Breaking Out of Zero: Would Cheating Be Worth the Risk?
Alex Bollfrass

See Break-out from a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty chart and source data by clicking here 



Chapter 9 – Stable at Zero: Enforcing the Peace in a World Without Nuclear Weapons
Ward Wilson


Praise for “Elements of a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty”

“For decades, proponents of maintaining large nuclear arsenals have rebuffed reductions with claims that a disarmament treaty could never be achieved, verified, or enforced. The experts assembled in “Elements of a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty” destroy these fact-free assertions with a full-spectrum analysis of each political and technical obstacle to the security of a world without nuclear weapons and sober suggestions for how to overcome them. It is a how-to book you cannot do without.”

Joe Cirincione
President, Ploughshares Fund

“A sober and thoughful look at the many challenges involved in eliminating nuclear weapons and how those challenges might be overcome over the next 25-35 years. Skeptics of the feasibility (or even the desirability) of nuclear disarmament may not be fully convinced, but like all national security analysts and policy makers they will benefit from careful study of this important new book.”

Ambassador Linton Brooks
Former Chief START negotiator

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