Nuclear Risk-Reduction Measures in Southern Asia

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By W.P.S. Sidhu, Brian Cloughley, John H. Hawes, and Teresita Schaffer

India, Pakistan and China have negotiated a variety of confidence-building measures (CBMs) over the past decade, but implementation has been spotty, and progress slow. With the flight testing of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles and nuclear testing in southern Asia, existing CBMs are clearly inadequate. The authors of these essays, noted security experts from India, the United Kingdom, and the United States, call for serious consideration of security-related measures directed at the likely causes of miscalculation and nuclear danger on the subcontinent by these three governments. Specifically, they suggest the non-deployment of ballistic missiles, a complete cessation of arms firing across the Line of Control dividing Kashmir, cooperative aerial observation of the subcontinent, and other arrangements to ease tensions.

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