Biological Weapons Proliferation: Reasons for Concern, Courses of Action

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Stimson Report 24 

This report features the following chapters, for which executive summaries may be downloaded in PDF format:

The Threat of Deliberate Disease in the 21st Century, a detailed biological weapons threat assessment by Dr. Graham Pearson, former director of Great Britain’s Chemical and Biological Weapons Defense Establishment;

Industry’s Role, Concerns, and interests in the Negotiation of a BWC Compliance Protocol, an industry perspective on a verification protocol to the Biological Weapons Convention by Dr. Gillian Woollett, Assistant Vice President at the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America;

Doubts About Confidence: The Potential Limits of Confidence-Building Measures for the Biological Weapons Convention, a comprehensive overview of the utility of confidence-building measures for treaty monitoring by Dr. Marie Chevrier of Harvard University;

Verification Provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention and Their Relevance to the Biological Weapons Convention, an analysis of the applicability of the CWC verification measures to a prospective BWC protocol by Dr. Jonathan Tucker of the Monterey Institute;

Man Versus Microbe: The Negotiations to Strengthen the Biological Weapons Convention, an examination of the obstacles facing the negotiations to bolster the BWC and recommendations for progress by Dr. Amy E. Smithson of the Stimson Center.


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