US Foreign Policy

Beyond the Nuclear Peril: The Year in Review and the Years Ahead

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Stimson report 15

Steering Committee of the Project on Eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction

General Andrew J. Goodpaster (USA, retired), Chair

The Steering Committee’s first annual report, Beyond the Nuclear Peril: The Year in Review and the Years Ahead, was released by the Stimson Center in February 1995. The report reviewed developments in the nuclear policies of the five major nuclear states, in arms control and disarmament, and in non-proliferation policy. While acknowledging recent international successes in reducing nuclear risks, the group noted that much remained to be done. The committee recommended the initiation of an international dialogue on accountability, safety, and security of nuclear materials, and underscored the need for a national and international debate on long-term objectives in arms control and disarmament. The group stressed that only the United States could provide the leadership and strategic vision necessary to initiate and to shape a debate on the future of weapons of mass destruction.

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