US Foreign Policy

Arms Control and Confidence Building in the Middle East

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Nine experts examine the East-West arms control experience to identify lessons that could be applied to the Middle East. The authors pinpoint specific near-term actions, particularly confidence-and-security-building measures, that might be explored now, whether or not they are linked to formal peace negotiations.

Each chapter pairs a co-author who has detailed knowledge of a particular East-West arms control approach with a co-author who has extensive experience in the Middle East Region.

Written in clear, jargon-free prose, this book will be especially useful to Middle East specialists and students of arms control as well as readers with a general interest in Middle East Affairs.

Edited by Alan Platt, a defense policy consultant who has worked with the Henry L. Stimson Center, the RAND Corporation, and the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.


    • Confidence-and-Security-Building MeasuresRichard Darilek and Geoffrey Kemp
    • Role of Aerial InspectionsMichael Krepon and Peter Constable
    • Proliferation of Ballistic MissilesSeth Carus and Janne Nolan
    • Chemical Weapons Arms ControlCharles Flowerree and Brad Roberts

    This book may be purchased through the United States Institute for Peace bookstore here.

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