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By Brian Eyler, Courtney Weatherby, and Richard Cronin READ MORE

November 8, 2016 | Stimson Spotlight

By Brian Eyler, Courtney Weatherby, and Richard Cronin: READ MORE

This issue brief—the third in Stimson’s “Letters from the Mekong” series — continues to challenge the prevailing narrative that the current rapid pace of dam construction on the Mekong River in mainland Southeast Asia will continue until the entire river is turned into a series of reservoirs. READ MORE

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President Obama’s fast-approaching visit to Vietnam provides opportunities to discuss one of the most pressing challenges facing mainland Southeast Asia: water resource management in the context of drought, the impacts of climate change, and continued development of hydropower and rising tensions READ MORE

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This issue brief - the second in Stimson's "Letters from the Mekong" series - examines the current status of mitigation efforts at Laos' Xayaburi and Don Sahong dam projects and the relevance of the existing narrative surrounding hydropower development on the river's mainstream. READ MORE

The decision by the National Assembly of Laos to approve the concession for the Don Sahong Dam has reignited concerns and criticism of the current development model, which includes 11 large dams on the mainstream of the Mekong River. READ MORE

Senior Associate Richard Cronin discuses Stimson’s work in the Lower Mekong Basin in Southeast Asia. There are highly contested plans over the construction of up to eleven hydropower dams on the lower half of Mekong River. READ MORE

The US-ASEAN Business Council and The Stimson Center are pleased to share with you: READ MORE

Debates over whether sovereignty trumps moral responsibility towards refugees has taken on new urgency in Southeast Asia, as Thailand’s crackdown on human trafficking pushes traffickers to reroute thousands of migrants and refugees out to sea. READ MORE

The rivers that flow from the Himalayas—including the Mekong, Indus, Brahmaputra, Yellow, and Yangtze— play critical roles in meeting the energy, water, and food security needs of hundreds of millions of people across Asia. READ MORE

Laos’ controversial decision to move forward with the Xayaburi and Don Sahong dams on the mainstream of the Lower Mekong has become the focal point of discussion between various stakeholders due to concerns over the impacts on fisheries and sediment. READ MORE

Last year, Laos announced it would go ahead with the second of two massive, controversial dams on the Lower Mekong River, over the strong objections of its downstream neighbors, Vietnam and Cambodia. READ MORE