David Solimini

Director of Strategic Communications


David Solimini brings 15 years of experience in policy and persuasion to national security and foreign affairs issues. He has helped issue advocates, nonprofits, and public figures transform organizations, set and achieve policy goals, translate policy nuance into persuasive arguments, manage crises, and plan for a changing policy environment.

Prior to coming to the Stimson Center, he was Principal and Co-Owner of ADco, a specialty consultancy serving nonprofit policy organizations. In 2017, he led communications and advised on policy for ICAN’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning effort to create a treaty-based prohibition on nuclear weapons. Dave also the created and hosted The Secure Line, a podcast on the policy and politics of America’s role in the world.

Previously, as Vice President of the Truman National Security Project, he played a leading role in organization transformation, strategic planning, and program development. At Truman, he built and led an influential communications and message guidance program, advised policymakers and candidates, and helped lead award-winning advocacy efforts. Before that, Solimini was speechwriter for a gubernatorial campaign, founding Executive Director of the Virginia Redistricting Coalition, press staff on a presidential primary campaign, and co-founder of Virginia21, the country’s first generational advocate for young voters.

David is a Fellow at the Truman National Security Project. He has a BA from the College of William and Mary and a master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). He and his family live in Washington, DC.


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