David Mozersky

Nonresident Fellow

Transforming Conflict & Governance

David Mozersky is a Nonresident Fellow with the Protecting People Program at the Stimson Center. He is the co-founder of Energy Peace Partners, a new organization working on linking climate solutions with peace building. Dave is the Founding Director of the Program on Conflict, Climate Change and Green Development at UC Berkeley’s RAEL. He has been involved in peace building and conflict prevention work since 2001, with a specific interest in mediation and peace processes. He has worked with the International Crisis Group, the African Union, and Humanity United, among others. He has written extensively about the conflicts and peacemaking efforts in the Horn of Africa, and has testified or presented before the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, the Canadian Parliament, and South Sudanese Parliament. David has authored and co-authored more than two dozen International Crisis Group reports and briefing papers, and his writing has appeared in the Harvard International Review, International Herald-Tribune, Financial Times-Europe, and other publications


Exploring how UN field missions can use renewable energy to improve effectiveness, save money, enhance security, and increase access to energy while mitigating climate change

Research & Writing
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From Renewable Energy to Peacebuilding in Mali: MINUSMA’s Opportunity to Bridge the Gap

MINUSMA’s choices around its energy practices could support the wider international strategy for peace and development in Mali

Shifting Power: Transitioning to Renewable Energy in United Nations Peace Operations

Examining the renewable energy future of UN peace operations to enhance missions, meet climate goals, and benefit host communities

Press Release
Report: UN Peacekeeping in DRC Offers Renewable Energy Opportunity

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), MONUSCO, could benefit from greater use of available renewable energy according to a new study released by the Stimson Center and Energy Peace Partners. Such a chang…

Renewable Energy & UN Peacekeeping: Untapped Potential in the DRC

The report examines ongoing efforts by international actors in the DRC to boost the share of renewable sources of energy; articulates the benefits of increasing diesel-to-renewable energy transitions for both the operations and the host country; details viable opportunities and potential challenges for implementing such transitions; and recommends next steps.

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