James Mckeon

Former Scoville Fellow

This is the profile of a former staff member, affiliate, intern, or guest author. Biographical information is not maintained and may be out of date.

James McKeon serves as a Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow
with Stimson’s Managing Across Boundaries program. He holds a bachelor’s degree
from Northeastern University. Before joining Stimson, he worked as an intern at
the White House and as a member of staff for the Scottish National Party at the
UK Parliament.

Research & Writing

US-UK Mutual Defense Agreement: A Violation of International Law?

By James McKeon:  “The great alliance between the United States and the United Kingdom is rooted in shared interests and shared values,” President Obama proclaimed with UK Prime Minister David Cameron by his side. “And it’s indispensable…

Scottish independence could leave UK nuclear weapons homeless

On September 18, the residents of Scotland will determine whether to remain in the United Kingdom or become independent for the first time since 1707. On the surface, this referendum seems to only affect those living in the United Kingdom, but a more d…

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