John Cappel

Former Research Associate

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John Cappel is a research associate with the Budgeting for
Foreign Affairs and Defense (BFAD) program. He holds a bachelor’s degree from
Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International
Affairs and a master’s degree from American University’s School of
International Service, where his studies concentrated on international security
and U.S. foreign policy. He previously interned with BFAD and worked on federal
contracting oversight and reform issues as an intern with the Project On Government


Research & Writing

Blank check? The debate over US crisis response funds

By John Cappel: Chaos and conflict in Ukraine, Iraq, and Syria have prompted many calls for a more robust American response, but the Obama administration’s latest effort to address these crises is facing a difficult path through Congress. As part of th…

Issue Brief
A Step Backward, or More to Go?

The FY15 Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) request—the war funding request—helps illustrate how much further the defense budget needs to go to adjust to statutory spending caps. We have previously noted how realistic the base FY…

Scaring the Allies: The Overseas Implications of Budget Rhetoric

By John Cappel:  For the past several years, civilian defense officials, uniformed military leaders, and members of Congress have been warning about the negative consequences of defense budget cuts. While some of these statements have been balance…

National Security Programs Supporting Social Science in Academia

The federal government invests heavily in supporting higher education and academic research in a wide range of disciplines. Much of this funding is channeled through national security-related agencies, particularly the Departments of Defense and Homela…

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