Grace Chesson

Former Administrative Assistant

This is the profile of a former staff member, affiliate, intern, or guest author. Biographical information is not maintained and may be out of date.


Chesson is the administrative assistant to the president and executive vice president at
Stimson. She has traveled to
East Africa multiple times, most recently in 2012 when she was working at Vestergaard-Frandsen
as a field manager for its Carbon for Water campaign. Prior to that, Chesson
worked at the D.C. headquarters of the Peace Corps, providing operational
programming and training support.

holds a BA in political science which includes a second major in global studies
with a concentration in international politics and Latin America, from the
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


Research & Writing

Kenya’s Election Aftermath: Bilateral And Multilateral Challenges On The Horizon

By Grace Chesson Kenya’s relations with the United States and other nations remain strained as a result of the election of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and Vice President William Ruto, both of whom are under indictment by the International Criminal…

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