Kathleen A. Walsh

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Research & Writing

Challenges Ahead for the Kurdish Struggle in Syria

In the northeast corner of Syria, the black and red flags of the Syrian Arab Republic have become a rare sight. Unlike in many other parts of the war stricken country, they have not been replaced with either the flag of the Syrian opposition, adopted b…

Post-Conflict Borders and UN Peace Operations

  This border security study from the Future of Peace Operations (FOPO) program is in two parts. For part one, author Kathleen A. Walsh surveyed more than 100 international border assistance and training programs. Her report, Border Security,…

Foreign High-Tech R&D in China

Commercial Globalization and the international distribution of high-tech R&D have aided China’s efforts to develop its commercial industry.  Increasingly, foreign investors are competing with local high-tech enterprises for market share in the…

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