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The Stimson Center promotes international security, shared prosperity, and justice through applied research and independent analysis. We are proud of the impact our work has had reducing threats to global, regional, and national security. Although we are not alone in pursuing these issues, our approach is unique, combining global perspectives with deep local connections and turning policy solutions into real world tools.

Stimson is grateful for the generous support of the individuals, corporations, foundations, and governments that contribute to the wide range of research projects we undertake every year.

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Mail a check made out to The Henry L. Stimson Center to 1211 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 800, Washington, DC 20036.

Make a planned gift. To learn more, download our Planned Giving brochure or reach out to the Advancement Team.

Give a gift of stock. For information on how to make a stock contribution, please contact the Advancement Team.


For 30 years, private philanthropic foundations have formed the core of our support. Our foundation partners are not just donors, but serve as invaluable substantive partners in defining challenges, building responses, and executing on solutions.


We rely on a diverse array of committed individual investors who share our organizational values and our commitment to pragmatism. Our supporters from around the world bring a depth of experiences in public service, business, and activism, and recognize the value of building nonpartisan safe spaces to meet big global challenges.


Private industry is no longer a bystander on the global stage. The most innovative corporations actively help to shape a secure and prosperous environment for their business. We engage relevant industries across our work, giving them a seat at the table and leveraging their know-how. Industry can be a force multiplier for good public policy.


As primary consumers of our research, analysis, and tools, governments are key contributors and partners to our work. Often the implementers of our solutions, our government partners are best served by leveraging Stimson as a center for innovation and experimentation.

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