Understanding US-Korea Relations Today

The Stimson Center and Stimson’s 38 North program, working with the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, presented a webinar to discuss the importance of the US commitment to the Korean Peninsula.

Based on Gen. (Ret.) Sharp and Ms. Town’s extensive experience and expertise, the webinar examined several aspects of the US-Korea relationship. Among a broad range of topics, the discussion explored: the current state of relations between the US and North Korea; the importance of the US-ROK alliance, respective US and South Korean capabilities and missions, and the nuances of deterrence; and possible diplomatic options in relation to North Korea. Following the discussion, the moderator and speakers held a Q&A session with the attending audience. Audience members were also given two polling questions, asking whether or not a presidential candidate’s views on North Korea were important to how they would vote in the November election as well as what the best policy options were in approaching North Korea in the future.

The program was introduced and closed by the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh’s Senior Director of Programs & Impact, Ivonne Smith-Tapia.


  • Moderator: Dr. Clint Work, Fellow, 38 North and Transforming Conflict & Governance
  • Gen. (Ret.) Walter “Skip” Sharp, former Commander, US Forces Korea (2008-2011)
  • Jenny Town, Stimson Fellow and Deputy Director of 38 North.

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Part of the Congressional Fellowship Project  and the Project .
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