Salafists And Sectarianism: Twitter And Communal Conflict In The Middle East

Social media has a powerful effect on much of what happens in the world today. From inciting people to join protests on the streets of Cairo to recruiting young girls to join ISIS, social media can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. In fact, radical groups, such as the Islamic State, have social media to thank for much of their success. While these groups dominate much of the headlines, other non-violent radicals, such as Sunni Salafists, are also using these platforms to disseminate sectarian ideologies. A close analysis of their Twitter accounts opens a window into their universe and the strategies they are using to increase animosity toward the Shi’a, who they believe are not real Muslims.

Watch the event below or here.

WHAT: Launching of a study on Twitter and sectarianism in the Middle East.


Geneive Abdo, Fellow, Middle East Program, Stimson Center
Khalil al Anani, Adjunct Professor at School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University

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Middle East
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