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Ramifications of cyber attacks for space and nuclear deterrence


Deterrence of unwanted actions in space is linked to
deterrence in the nuclear and cyber domains. 
Of the three, mechanisms for deterrence against nuclear attack are most
highly developed. Space deterrence mechanisms are a work in progress.  Of the three domains, restraints on cyber
deterrence are weak.  What are the
ramifications of cyber attacks for space and nuclear deterrence?  Jim Lewis helped guide us through this

Jim is Director and Senior Fellow of the Technology and
Public Policy Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies,
where his recent work has focused on cybersecurity, space, and technological
innovation. Prior to joining CSIS, he served at the Departments of State and
Commerce as a Foreign Service officer, and as a member of the Senior Executive

Stimson’s programming on Space Security is supported by
DTRA and the New-Land Foundation.




Space Security
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