Barry Blechman and Michael Krepon describe the unique role they believed we could play when they founded Stimson, along with some of their most proud memories of the impact the organization has achieved. Today, in a time of change reminiscent of our end-of-Cold War origins, the Stimson Center’s spirit of innovation, independence and pragmatism is as necessary as it was then.

The Stimson Center has a 30-year track record of leadership on peacekeeping and protecting civilians in conflict areas. Even as threats change, our dedication to addressing the challenge is firm

30 Years of Building Solutions

We sat down with three of our experts to talk about the practical tools they are building to solve global challenges.

Richard Cupitt, Senior Fellow & Director of the Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention Program, discusses the databases he is building to help states implement the nonproliferation requirements put in place by UN Resolution 1540.

Lovely Umayam, Fellow with Stimson’s Nuclear Security Program, discusses how she is using the Governance Template to help implement security in nuclear facilities around the world, in the face of developing modern threats.

Cindy Vestergaard, Director of Stimson's Nuclear Safeguards Program, discusses how she is using Distributed Ledger Technology to strengthen nonproliferation of chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological materials.

Stimson co-Founders Michael Krepon and Barry Blechman, along with Stimson President & CEO Brian Finlay, discuss the Stimson Center's impact in the WMD space over the last 30 years, and contemplate what the future looks like for nuclear nonproliferation.

This anniversary year, be on the lookout for more videos as we recall some of our accomplishments of the past thirty years, and share our plans for the future.