The Stimson Center is a nonpartisan policy research center working to protect people, preserve the planet, and promote security & prosperity. Stimson’s award-winning research serves as a roadmap to address borderless threats through concerted action. Our formula is simple: we gather the brightest people to think beyond soundbites, create solutions, and make those solutions a reality. We follow the credo of one of history’s leading statesmen, Henry L. Stimson, in taking “pragmatic steps toward ideal objectives.” We are practical in our approach and independent in our analysis. Our innovative ideas change the world.

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Awards & Recognition
MacArthur Foundation: Creative & Effective Institution Award Winner
Transparify:  5-Star Transparency Rating
Foreign Policy: Most Women in Policy Leadership Positions of Any Leading Think Tank
University of Pennsylvania: Ranked Top 25 U.S. Think Tank

“The Stimson Center’s innovative and pragmatic approach to peace-building has helped make ours a more peaceful and secure global community.” – Kofi A. Annan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

“The Stimson Center is imbued with pragmatic and nonpartisan spirit, a spirit that continues to define the Center.” 
– Condoleezza Rice, Former U.S. Secretary of State

“The Stimson Center has for a quarter century continually innovated to find solutions to the tremendous challenges facing the world today.” 
– Robert M. Gates, Former United States Secretary of Defense

“The part that’s especially important and valuable about the Stimson Center is that it is not only academic, it has people that have been in the government, who understand the practicality of certain issues.”  – Madeleine Albright, Former U.S. Secretary of State