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News Roundup for March 8

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CNN: N.Korea: rebuilding rocket test site? [by Will Ripley] – Jenny Town featured – March 6​

VOX: Why North Korea’s restored rocket site isn’t cause for worry – yet [by Alex Ward ] – Jenny Town cited – March 7

YONHAP NEWS AGENCY: NK leader could fire satellite-carrying rocket missile next month: US expert – Joel Wit quoted – March 8

AFP: Trump fires Kim warning over nuclear site rebuilding – 38 North quoted – March 7

BLOOMBERG: Trump Says he’d be disappointed if missile site rebuilt [by Jennifer Jacobs and Shannon Pettypiece] – Jenny Town quoted – March 7

THE STRAITS TIMES: Pyongyang ‘rebuilding’ rocket launch site [by Chang May Choon and Charissa Yong] – Jenny Town quoted – March 7

INDEPENDENT ONLINE: Alarm at North Korean missile plant activity – Joel Wit quoted – March 7

BAIJIAHAO BAIDU: 朝鲜卫星发射场有动静?美国卫星拍到这样的照片 – Stimson Center mentioned – March 8

SPUTNIK NEWS: Russia Registered 3Mln Cyberattacks Launches from US Territory – Stimson Center event mentioned – March 5

CHINA DAILY GLOBAL: Bumpy path ahead for denuclearization [by Zhao Huanxin] – Stimson Center event – March 8

AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATED PRESS: Trump open to more talk with North Korea [by David Brunnstorm and Hyonhee Shin] – 38 North quoted – March 8


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