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Sophisticated tools and a breadth and depth of expertise makes Stimson’s 38 North the premier outlet for unbiased, critical and accurate analysis of North Korea.
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38 North, the website dedicated to providing informed policy and technical analysis of North Korea, joined Stimson on June 1, 2018. The site is an internationally recognized source for information about developments in and around North Korea. While it is best known for satellite imagery analysis of the North’s major WMD sites, 38 North examines key developments that affect North Korea’s domestic economy and strategic thinking, as well as the country’s evolving relationship with the US, South Korea, China, and the international community.

Analysis that shapes the policy debate every day

38 North is moving the conversation on North Korea forward with an eye toward practical domestic and geopolitical realities that will inherently shape future dynamics between one of the most opaque nations on earth and its neighbors, regional actors, and the United States. The site adds to Stimson’s legacy of ignoring partisan positions and searching for the truth to better inform the policy-making process.

An independent perspective on an oft-misunderstood issue

After joining Stimson’s in June, 38 North almost immediately gained broad attention for analysis leading up to and following President Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-un in Singapore. After President Trump announced Kim had promised the destruction of a key facility, the Sohae Satellite Launching Station, 38 North published satellite imagery analysis confirming that work was being done to dismantle the facility. Underscoring their disinterest in supporting one policy viewpoint or another, 38 North’s analysis took seriously the possibility that President Trump’s approach could fundamentally change the course of the relationship.

“Beyond the pageantry of what has become summit diplomacy between Trump and Kim, the severity of what’s at stake warrants serious consideration not only of the nature of the threat North Korea’s WMD programs pose, but of what drives Kim’s strategic decisions.”

-Joel S. Wit, Senior Fellow and Director
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