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After New START, What?

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After New START, What?

One good reason to extend the Obama/Medvedev New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty for five years is that it might take that long to negotiate and put in place what might come after its expiration. Since New START might not be extended, it makes sense to start brainstorming now about our nuclear future. The Stimson Center is convening a series of panels on this subject, the next being a luncheon event on March 20th with Linton Brooks, Brad Roberts, Kristen Ven Bruusgaard and Heather Hurlburt. Feel free to tune in if you can’t attend.

As I see it, there are four options. One is a continuation of a numbers-based arms control and reduction regime. We’ve had one since 1972, beginning with the first Strategic Arms Limitation Accord, and it would seem strange and uncomfortable to be without one. This path isn’t easy: it’s likely that extending any numbers-based formula beyond New START would have to be far more complex and inclusive, both in terms of delivery vehicles and participating states. More on this below.

Read the full article in Arms Control Wonk.

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