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Stimson’s Grading Progress on US Drone Policy Report cited in the Anniston Star

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During the Obama administration, more than 500 unmanned drone strikes were responsible for the estimated deaths of 3,040 terrorists and 391 civilians in three countries: Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. Those figures are from 2009 until the early part of 2016. They come from Micah Zenko, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.


Though national polls show it is popular with a majority of Americans, the U.S. drone program has its critics. A review of the program released in February by the nonpartisan Stimson Center gave the Obama administration a failing grade.


Citing a “lack of accountability” and a “culture of secrecy surrounding the use of armed drones,” the report noted, “With a year remaining in this administration, this is the last chance to place the program on firmer footing and ensure that it is on a more transparent and accountable track for the next administration.”

There’s little evidence that the Stimson Center’s advice is being heeded by the White House.

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