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Stimson’s “The Army Goes to School” report cited in The 74 Million

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Every day the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces make extraordinary sacrifices to uphold the banner of freedom our country stands for. Though much less recognized, their families share this yoke of patriotic duty, frequently uprooting their lives as the call of service demands.
These unsung heroes don’t ask for much in return. Frequent relocations are part of the job description. So of the countless concessions asked of America’s soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and their families, access to a quality education for their children should not be sacrificed.
This game of education roulette faced by U.S. military members and their families has a real impact on volunteers agreeing to continue their service. In fact, a study published in late June by the Stimson Center, an independent research group focused on security issues, found that discrepancies in education standards could negatively impact the Army’s ability to retain talented men and women.
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