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Russell Rumbaugh is quoted in the Wall Street Journal on revisions to US military strategy

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Pentagon Rolls Out Evolving Strategy

The Pentagon rolled out long-awaited
revisions to U.S. military strategy on Tuesday, displaying a renewed
focus on homeland protection by emphasizing the development of
cybersecurity capabilities, missile defenses and the ability to respond
to natural disasters.

The military
strategy, which is updated every four years, was changed to reflect the
growing call for military help during natural disasters, as well as the
threat of either a cyber or physical attack on the U.S.


Russell Rumbaugh,

a defense expert at the nonpartisan Stimson Center, said the
strategy anticipates a robust role for the U.S. military even in the
face of recent spending cuts. “When you have a half trillion dollars to
spend, you can do a lot,” he said. “The U.S. remains the dominant
military power.”

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