A message from Stimson Center President and CEO Ellen Laipson

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A message from Stimson Center President and CEO Ellen Laipson in response to recent news reports about U.S. think tank funding from foreign governments:

In the 21st century, information, capital, and ideas flow more freely than ever before. Through the Stimson Center’s rigorous and nonpolitical analysis, we’ve contributed to efforts to stem the proliferation of nuclear materials, to create innovative approaches to regional security issues, and to craft durable solutions for environmental security. Think tanks can use their knowledge, research, and convening powers to become useful facilitators and bridge builders, and Stimson sees its work as serving not the interests of any party but the larger purpose of pursuing peace and security for all. Our team carefully reviews all of our funding arrangements to ensure that we adhere to the highest standards of scholarly independence and freedom of expression. We are proud to join with some of the leading NGOs and governments across the world to address these tremendous challenges and believe that effective solutions require shared understanding across diverse communities.” 

Stimson’s long standing policy on government funding is available at the link here

Photo credit: Kyle Rush via flickr

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