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South Asia Visiting Fellows Program

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The Stimson Center’s South Asia Visiting Fellows program brings
Indian and Pakistani researchers to Washington for up to three months
to familiarize them with the theory and practice of arms control,
disarmament, nuclear risk reduction, and confidence-building measures
(CBMs). The South Asia Visiting Fellows program is currently geared
toward active duty armed forces personnel and civilian officials
working on nuclear issues in India and Pakistan who show promise of
being able to contribute creatively to the public debate on national
security in their respective countries and in the region as a whole.

Visiting Fellows spend up to three months in an intensive
work/study program that includes meetings with government officials and
Washington-based policy analysts working on arms control, regional
security, and CBMs. The Fellows have an opportunity to visit with a
number of government officials, including those from the Department of
Energy, Department of State, and Department of Defense. Visits are also
arranged to nongovernmental organizations working on related national
security issues.

Fellows conduct research on a security-related topic of their
choosing or one formulated during their time at the Stimson Center.
Fellows are familiarized with Washington’s many libraries and provided
with an Internet connection, allowing them access to a broad range of
information. Fellows are also kept abreast of pertinent seminars and
lectures taking place in Washington.

In 2003, the Stimson Center began receiving funding support from
the U.S. Department of Energy to host Visiting Fellows from the armed
forces of Pakistan and India. The focus of this fellowship program is
nuclear risk reduction. As such, the Stimson Center’s Visiting Fellows
program no longer solicits general applications and exclusively hosts
active duty armed forces personnel and civilian officials working on
nuclear issues in India and Pakistan.

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