Case Study Examines the UN Peacekeeping Operation in Haiti

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On Monday,
25 June, the UN Security Council is holding its semi-annual debate on the
Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict. UN peacekeeping operations remain a
principal tool of UN Security Council Members to prevent and respond to
violence against civilians. Despite over a dozen years of experience, many UN
operations authorized to use force to protect civilians under imminent threat
of violence have struggled to do so. As the Security Council reviews progress,
setbacks, and lessons learned, the Stimson Center is releasing a new case study
that examines how the UN Peacekeeping Operation in Haiti was able to stem the
threat of entrenched gangs in Port-au-Prince 2006-7, and where the operation
fell short. 

Click here to read Saving
Port-au-Prince: United Nations Efforts to Protect Civilians in Haiti in

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