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2010 Japan Program Events

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Learned: Chemical and Biological Events in Japan

June 10, 2010
Makino and Akihito Fukui examined the Japanese response to the recent health security
incidents, and shared their perspectives on Japan’s ability to
respond to current CBRN threats…  More>>

Future of Trans-Pacific Airpower Interoperability

June 14, 2010   
Hiroaki Uchikura shared his perspectives on the future of interoperability
between the US Air Force and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, in light of the
lessons learned from the US air partnership with its allied air forces… More>>

Alliance at 50: Toward a Reenergized Partnership

June 7, 2010
marked the 50th anniversary of the US-Japan Mutual Security Treaty.  This
one-day program assessed the current challenges facing the US-Japan alliance,
and explored ways to re-energize the alliance in the 21st century… More>>

Discussion: “Japan-US Cooperation in Disaster Relief and Humanitarian

featuring Col.
Tatsuo Tarumi 
March 5, 2010

Roundtable Discussion:”Future
Vision for Japan-US Interoperability: A Perspective from Airpower”

feat. International
Security Fellow, Brookings Institute, Col. Hiroaki Uchikura
Feb. 19, 2010    


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