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Rachel Stohl Joins the Managing Across Boundaries Program

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International arms trade expert Rachel Stohl joined the Stimson Center early this October,
as a Fellow with the Managing Across Boundaries Program.  In this role, Stohl will assist project
director Brian Finlay in building
Stimson’s profile and outreach efforts to address the global arms trade and the
illicit trafficking of small arms.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be working with a program
that aims to develop and facilitate innovative responses to cross
cutting threats caused by the uncontrolled and illicit proliferation of
conventional weapons,” says Stohl.  “Joining Stimson will allow me to better contribute to the growing policy
dialogue on these important issues.”

Stohl comes to Stimson from Chatham
House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, where she was an Associate
Fellow from 2009-2011.  Her areas of
expertise focus on issues relating to the international arms trade, including
small arms and light weapons, as well as children and armed conflict. 

She spent more than a decade working as a senior analyst at the Center for
Defense Information in Washington,
D.C, from 1998-2009.  Stohl is currently
the consultant to the UN ATT process, and was previously the consultant to the
UN Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in 2008,
and the UN Register for Conventional Arms in 2009.

“The unchecked proliferation of small arms and light weapons around the
globe is not only a catastrophic human disaster, it poses a direct threat to
international security by weakening states structures, providing critical
financing to terrorists and criminal organizations, and ultimately driving the
need for foreign military intervention,” said Finlay. “Outside of government
circles, I can think of no one more capable, nor more committed to addressing
these challenges than Rachel Stohl. She is unquestionably the preeminent expert
on the global arms trade in this country.”

Stohl holds an MA in international policy studies from the Monterey
Institute of International Studies and an honors BA in political science and
German from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Click here to read Stohl’s full biography.

Selected works include:

The International Arms Trade (Polity Press, 2009)

The Beginners Guide to the Small Arms Trade (Oneworld Publishing, 2009)

“Obama Neglects Child Soldiers,” The
Oct. 12, 2011

“U.S. Policy and the Arms Trade Treaty,”
Working Paper 10-1, Project Ploughshares, April 2010

“Stopping the Destructive
Spread of Small Arms: How Small Arms and Light Weapons Proliferation
Security and Development,” Center for American Progress, March 2010
(with EJ



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