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WMD, Drugs, and Criminal Gangs in Central America

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Few regions of the world better illustrate the intimate nexus between human development and security than does Central America, this Stimson Center and Stanley Foundation project report concludes. The report, informed by a regional workshop in Panama City in the spring of 2010, analyzes a region of inherent economic and social promise that has long been frustrated by countless security challenges related to small arms, drugs, and criminal gangs. In the report, Brian Finlay explores how United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 could be used by governments across the region to: identify novel streams of assistance to address capacity shortfalls; improve customs facilities and migratory border facilities; receive training in the tracking of illegal immigration; improve capacities to prevent money laundering and drug and human trafficking; enhance the training of public and private officials linked to maritime trade; improve their human resources and legal infrastructure; and, strengthen the competencies of government institutions. 

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