Managing Across Boundaries

Transnational challenges - from the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and illicit trafficking, to terrorism, the spread of disease, counterfeit intellectual property and environmental crime - threaten geostrategic stability, people and socio-economic development worldwide. The Managing Across Boundaries Initiative develops innovative government responses, at the national, regional and international levels, and identifies pragmatic public-private partnerships to mitigate these threats. For more information, click here.

Pragmatic solutions to transnational challenges

MAB venn Aug 2013

CGI convenes leaders to turn ideas into action. CGI Commitments to Action represent bold new ways that CGI members address global challenges — implemented through new methods of partnership and designed to maximize impact. Commitments can be small or large, global, or local. No matter the size or scope, commitments help CGI members translate practical goals into meaningful and measurable results.

More on Stimson's anti-poaching Commitment To Action in East Africa here.

Watch Vice President and Managing Across Boundaries initiative Director Brian Finlay join a discussion on role of the private sector and other actors in regard to the future of nuclear security.

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