February 2, 2016 | Stimson Spotlight

By Matthew Leatherman: Your first question is likely: 'We have American soldiers deployed in Egypt?' READ MORE

While the number of troops deployed overseas has decreased significantly, the cost per troop has increased markedly since the imposition of the 2011 Budget Control Act caps as the Obama administration and Congress have turned to Overseas Contingency Operations to fund increasingly unrelated progr READ MORE

The Army Goes to School: The Connection Between K-12 Education Standards and the Military-Base Economy finds that the quality of education available to soldiers’ children could be a retention issue for the Army. READ MORE

In October 2013, General Raymond Odierno, Chief of Staff of the Army, underscored the importance of school standards and performance on future basing decisions and stated that communities that host military installations must pay greater attention to education. READ MORE

The Stimson Center announced today that Paul Holtom and Matthew Leatherman have been appointed as Nonresident Fellows for the Managing Across Boundaries initative. READ MORE

From the Islamic State in the Middle East to rising cyber security challenges, the United States is facing a shifting security landscape that raises questions about how to effectively prioritize defense budget spending. READ MORE