By Rachel Blomquist & Richard Cincotta:  READ MORE

Among the few bright spots in the 2015 Freedom in the World Report, the brightest may be Tunisia, which for the first time was assessed as “free” – Freedom House’s highest “freedom status” and for many political scientists the definitive indication of a liberal democracy. READ MORE

The spike in high international food prices, in late 2010, which coincided with the demonstrations and regime changes in North Africa has become a popular explanation for the initiation of the Arab Spring. READ MORE

It would be hard to conjure up a more grave and immediate set of peacetime challenges than those that Israel faces today-from the advances in Iran's nuclear program, to the political instabilities that continue to play out along the length of its borders. Yet, the outcome of the January 2013 election of the 19th Knesset appears to have been shaped less by the Israeli public's perceptions of foreign threats, and more by its domestic concerns. READ MORE

April 22, 2013 | Stimson Spotlight

With renewed elections in Mali slated for July and French troops containing Tuareg and Islamist insurgents, the Sahelian state appears to be on track to restart the liberal democracy that was upended in March 2012 by a coup d'état. READ MORE

October 15, 2012 | Stimson Spotlight

Iran's domestic policies affecting reproduction and women's rights have taken several abrupt twists and turns since the revolution of 1980. READ MORE