Global Governance & International Regimes

The proliferation of nuclear weapons create dangers to regional and global security. Stimson experts examine ways to strengthen measures to prevent the spread of these dangerous weapons.


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Current Research

October 9, 2018 | EXPERT: Jayita Sarkar

American nuclear nonproliferation policy is a combination of economic and security imperatives. READ MORE

June 21, 2018 | EXPERT: Hamza Shad , EXPERT: Sameer Lalwani

By Sameer Lalwani and Hamza Shad   A Brief History READ MORE

April 24, 2018 | EXPERT: Michael Krepon

Quote of the week: “Americans, being a moral people, want their foreign policy to reflect the values we espouse as a nation. But Americans, being a practical people, also want their foreign policy to be effective.” ― George P. Shultz READ MORE

March 30, 2018 | EXPERT: Barry Blechman

By Barry M. Blechman READ MORE

March 7, 2018 | EXPERT: Michael Krepon

Quote of the week: “There is not much solace in raising the enemy’s requirements if he is still able to meet them.” — Bernard Brodie, Strategy in the Missile Age READ MORE

January 11, 2018 | EXPERT: Hannah Haegeland , EXPERT: Michael Krepon , EXPERT: Sameer Lalwani , EXPERT: Yun Sun

South Asia remains one of the most crisis-prone regions in the world with some of the highest levels of contested borders, militarized interstate disputes, and terrorist attacks. READ MORE

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