Nuclear Security Governance

Building tools for nuclear facilities to cultivate and maintain strong security norms
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Nuclear and radiological materials are used in important ways every day – millions of people depend on the peaceful and responsible use of the atom without realizing the complex operations required to keep these materials safe and secure.

While a proven degree of strong protection measures is required to license a facility, it is another matter to cultivate an approach to good governance that also demonstrates due diligence and management accountability. This project offers toolkit for senior leadership in nuclear facilities to describe their process of building and sustaining a good governance model to reinforce a robust security culture that is responsive to emerging challenges. The project captures the core nuclear security culture and the decision-making process of an organization while also creating opportunities for continuous improvement to enhance security.

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Shaping Strong Security Norms

Stimson, in consultation with nuclear security specialists, regulators, insurers, lawyers, and facility operators, propose a model that encourages nuclear facilities to demonstrate their “duty of care”—the ways in which operators, particularly at the executive and managerial levels, take reasonable care or exercise reasonable skill to address foreseeable threats and correct security vulnerabilities—in a way that would be defensible to a judge or jury.
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