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Security and Trade Efficiency Platform

STEP examines the intersection of WMD non-proliferation and trade by engaging partner countries with critical global trade ecosystems in identifying, analyzing, and securing supply chains involving “dualuse” chemical / biological / radiological / nuclear (CBRN) materials.
Published November 17, 2020

This op-ed was originally published in The Hill.
Published August 19, 2020

Field Note
The Jamaican government is working to transform the Port of Kingston into a Global Logistics Hub to attract new trade investments and improve the country’s economy. But as the opportunity for trade expands, risks also grow. Stimson experts Brian Finlay and Lovely Umayam recently completed a major project in Kingston — and saw firsthand the challenges and opportunities facing Jamaica.
Published September 15, 2017

Evaluating the security and efficiency of supply chains involving dual-use materials to reduce their susceptibility to illicit trafficking.
Published May 31, 2017

By Lovely Umayam Editor’s note: This analysis is part of Impact — an ongoing Stimson Center series examining the innovative approaches being used to help solve the world’s major global challenges. Contributions to this series are from leading experts a …

Closing Supply Chain Loopholes to Prevent the Spread of WMD Read More »

Published May 31, 2017

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