Security for a New Century

Protecting People

Security for a New Century

Political divisions in the United States Congress are more pronounced today than at any other time in recent memory. Even as access to information grows, partisanship has diminished trust in the quality and impartial nature of that information, leaving policymakers with limited access to the facts necessary to meet transnational security threats.

In an effort to enhance security policy decision-making, Stimson will relaunch the Security for a New Century (SNC) program. Initially established in 1998, SNC will again host a series of seminars for Members of Congress and staff on topical foreign policy issues of the day. These hour-long sessions will feature leading speakers from the military, the US government, academia, and the think tank community. As with the initial Fellowship program -- hosted by then-Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) and then-Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) -- the neutral and non-partisan nature of these briefings, along with a focus on learning and constructive problem solving, will equip Members and staff with access to reliable data upon which to base decision-making


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