South Asia
Crises & Consequences in Southern Asia

Off Ramps from Confrontation in Southern Asia

A collection of analyses of nuclear competition among China, India, and Pakistan

By Michael Krepon  ·  Travis Wheeler
September 5, 2017

Nuclear competition among China, India, and Pakistan is accelerating with the introduction of new developments in strategic technology, including ballistic and cruise missiles, multiple warhead missiles, and missile defenses. The crisis between India and Pakistan over Pulwama and Balakot, as well as the Doklam crisis between India and China, invite repetition. As diplomacy to reduce tensions is barely visible, Stimson has gathered rising talent and veteran analysts to propose pragmatic, novel approaches to improve ties. The result is the latest book from Stimson’s South Asia Program, Off Ramps from Confrontation in Southern Asia. 

Read approaches by each author below, divided by the sections indicated in the book:

Part 1

Expand Existing Confidence-Building Measures

Part 2

Subscribe to Nuclear Restraint

Part 3

Account for Humanitarian and Environmental Consequences

Part 4

Establish Confidence-Building Measures with China

Part 5

Increase Transparency

Part 6

Improve Communication

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