Taeyong Cho

Nonresident Fellow

38 North

Ambassador Taeyong Cho is a Nonresident Fellow with the 38 North program. He is a former vice foreign minister and previously served as deputy director of National Security at the South Korean Presidential Office. During his 38 years of government service, he focused on national security issues including the North Korea nuclear challenge and US-Korea relations. Amb. Cho was involved in the Six-Party Talks from 2004 to 2006 when the Talks produced the September 2005 Joint Statement. As a career diplomat, he served as ambassador to Australia and to Ireland. He also served as chief of protocol, director-general on North America and director-general on the North Korean Nuclear Issue. After his retirement in 2017, Amb. Cho continues to follow national security issues, writing regular columns with Joongang-Ilbo and Munhwa-Ilbo, and speaking at forums in Korea and elsewhere. He also spent a year in Tokyo as a visiting fellow at Keio University.

Amb. Cho received a BA in political science from Seoul National University and studied at Oxford University.

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