Katsuyuki Komatsu

Former Visiting Fellow

This is the profile of a former staff member, affiliate, intern, or guest author. Biographical information is not maintained and may be out of date.

Mr. Katsuyuki Komatsu is on
sabbatical from the Secretariat Division in the Japan Ministry of
Defense (JMOD) where he serves as deputy director.
He began his career in JMOD in the Bureau of
Defense Policy, and has since served in Bureau of Operational Policy, and
Bureau of Finance and Equipment and Bureau of
Defense Policy. Between 2000-2002, he was detailed to Ministry of
Finance, and Between January-September 2012, he served as a private secretary
to the Minister of Defense. His research focus is the United States’ evolving perception of China and its potential impact
on the US-Japan alliance. 

Research & Writing

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