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Yuki Tatsumi is interviewed on CNN on the Japan PM's controversial visit to a war shrine (video)

CNNi talks to East Asia expert Yuki Tatsumi about Japanese PM's Shinzo Abe's visit to a controversial war shrine.


Geneive Abdo is quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald on the Egyptian military's repression

Egypt's military gambles with repression In the wave of bombings and targeted assassinations that has swept Egypt since August, Thursday's bomb blast on a busy street in Nasr City, east of Cairo, caused only a modest amount of damage.


Stimson report cited in International Business Times on India and Pakistan's fight over water

What are India and Pakistan Really Fighting About?


Russell Rumbaugh is interviewed on Federal News Radio on the budget deal and DoD spending (audio)

The latest budget agreement spares the DoD from 20 billion dollars worth of budget cuts in 2014. Now the DoD has until 2016 to cut its expenses to levels required by the Budget Control Act. Russell Rumbaugh analyzes this situation for Federal News Radio's Jared Serbu.